Understanding Field Sobriety Tests

The NHTSA has designed three testing methods that can be used by police officers to assess a driver’s level of alcohol intoxication. Although many people consider these standardized tests unreliable, a failed field sobriety test automatically gives the officer enough reason to arrest you for drunk driving. Although these tests seem simple, they are an excellent way to test individual’s physical and cognitive skills. These tests, among others, are only used to assess whether a driver has been operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test

This test is often the first one used to evaluate a driver’s level of alcohol intoxication. The horizontal gaze nystagmus test is used as an indicator of alcohol impairment, because while under the influence, it becomes exaggerated and provokes eye jerking. The test is done by asking the suspect to follow the moving flashlight or a pen with their eyes. If the officer notices involuntary eye jerking when the suspect’s gaze is cast side to side, he will have further reason to assume that the individual is driving while intoxicated.

Since some people can suffer from a nystagmus condition or involuntary eye jerking, this test is not sufficient to identify intoxication. However, if the suspected drunk driver fails the other two FSTs, we have a clear indication that the person is intoxicated. If you fail the standardized tests, you are probably asking yourself will i go to jail for my first dwi in Houston. The answer is yes. If you are arrested and convicted for drunk driving in Houston, you might face jail time, even if this is your first offense. Having a perfect driving record and clear criminal history doesn’t matter. That is why it is crucial to hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer as soon as possible to prepare your defense or at least reduce your penalties.

The Walk and Turn Test

If you fail the first test, the law enforcement office will conduct a second test called the walk and turn test. This test required the suspect to use his listening, comprehension and physical skills to pass the test. First, the person will be asked to take heel-to-toe steps along a straight line, turn around on one foot and repeat the same action in the other direction. If you fail to follow the officer’s instructions, keep your balance and take the correct number of steps in the correct way, you will pass the test. Although this seems rather easy, impaired drivers will struggle following these procedures successfully. The walk and turn test on its own is not a reliable way to determine impairment. However, in combination with the other two, it will get you arrested and charged for drunk driving.

The One Leg Stand Test

Similarly as the walk and turn test, this one also assesses the driver’s balance. The test is done by standing on one foot, while counting to hundred. During that time, the officer will look for signs of impairment and intoxication. If you sway, put your foot down and similar, you have failed the test.

Regardless of your results as well as the circumstances of your case, if you are arrested and charged for a DWI, you must hire drunk driving lawyer to defend you. In some rare cases, offenders can use affirmative defenses against a DWI. A legal professional will evaluate your case and decide whether you can use them or you need to challenge the evidence and observations of the arresting officer.

How to Choose a Trademark Attorney?

If you are an individual or a business organization that is interested in registering or protecting their trademark, you need to hire the leading trademark attorneys to assist you. Lawyers who specialize in trademark law, apart from protecting your intellectual property rights will also protect your brand image. Every small, medium sized or large scale business should have a qualified IP attorney by their side to handle all legal matters related to trademarks and trade secrets.

Given the fact that there are so many lawyers who specialize in intellectual property law, choosing the right individual that will properly meet your needs may be a daunting task. Learn how to choose the best Fort Myers legal firm to register your brand or address any trademark related issues.


It is very important to hire an IP attorney that specializes in trademark law. Have in mind that intellectual property is a broad area, and that a regular law professional might not have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle the case properly. On the other hand, a law professional that specializes in trademark law is well versed with all the existing laws and regulations in your country or region. Only the very best individuals will be able to provide you with complete assistance related to registering and protecting your brand.


Law is a professional that requires experience and patience above all, and only highly-experienced individuals can win delicate cases such as trademark infringement professionally and with ease. This is why, you should only opt for a trademark attorney who is highly experienced, so you may be at peace knowing that you have the right person by your side to protect the brand image of your business. If you have found more than one individual who is well-experienced in the matter, and you don’t know who to choose, opt for the one who is well versed with your line of business.


Apart from specialization and experience, the law firm you choose to hire must have an excellent reputation. To check reputation of a particular attorney, check their website, reviews and testimonials. Opt for professionals that are highly reputed and known to have helped many businesses in handling all kinds of trademark related issues.

Apart from gathering information from reliable sources about a particular law firm, also try to contact their prior clients and determine if the lawyers you are considering to hire are really capable to provide you the legal assistance you and your company need.


Lastly, you should find a reputable IP attorney who has great connections. A local law professional will most likely have better connections than a large scale law firm that operates in multiple areas. If you are able to find a lawyer that has excellent connections, you will register your brand much easier and faster. Such professional will also easily guide you through the legal system and the entire process of trademark registration. After registration, your attorney will also ensure you don’t neglect the factors that can be considered as trademark infringement and properly protect your intellectual property rights.